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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Nettle cordage take one

Well it ended up being more like nettle string as i didnt collect nearly enough nettles but it was valuble practice.

Carefully slide your finger and thumb upwards to remove all leaves and hairs (i used a glove) and gently sqeeze the stem all the way down and split open as shown

Bend the stalk upwards to break the pith inside and gently pull the outer fibres away.

You should be left with fibres like this. Allow them to dry before carrying on, i placed them on a piece of kitchen roll and let them dry out.

Once dried like above they are now ready to be rehydraded either with warm water or saliva and its ready to work with.

I took 3 pieces of the nettle fibres and plated them as shown and that is it. Not quite the method i orignally set out to do but all in all i am pretty happy my first attempt and didnt have nearly enough netlles gathered.

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