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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Leather drawstring pouch.

I'v been wanting to make one of these for a while now and i finaly got round to doing it. Its faux leather so i thought it would be good for making my first one as its much easier to sew than real leather. This was one of the easiest things i'v done yet and was relaxing to make as i could just sit and sew with the tv on in the background and a nice cup of tea beside me made for a lazy relaxing friday night.

So what i did first was take a piece of the "leather" and fold it in half make sure its inside out of the way you want it, then i used some small but strong clamps to hold it in place. I used them to show if it was real leather however due to this being faux leather Lisa told me to use some normal pins to hold it in place and it made the sewing process so much easier. Then rougly mark out where you want to sew it. I used just a normal stitch and its holding up nicely.

If this was real leather I would mark out where i want to make the holes before sewing. You could use a fork it works just as well as the real stitch marker tool then use an awl to make the holes. When you have it all sewed cut off the excess thats not needed and turn the leather inside out again and mark out where you want the holes for your drawstring and make them either with an awl or a hole punch or whatever works best for the material you have chosen. Make sure you put an ODD number of holes on each side or the string will be inside.

Then just thread the string you are using through the holes. I used some paracord because it was just what i had to hand, however if this was real leather i would use some leather boot laces, leather cut offs or something along those lines.

And there you have a drawstring pouch. I really enjoyed making this as i also learned to sew for the first time too thanks to lisa. I'm going to take this new but simple skill and make a couple more pouches especially one to hold my hobo stove and cooking stuff. The more space i can save in my pack the better.

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  1. You should try using a square piece of leather in the 14x14 range. Take a compass and draw a perfect circle, then punch holes with an awl - evenly spaced between, of course - and thread your lace through afterwards. It involves no stitching, and you can readily customize the shape of your pouch to add some creative flair. If your circle is slightly elliptical, the shape of your bag will be more teardrop than pouchy - the choice is yours.

    Sometimes I like to cut my square piece into quarters and then stitch it back together to give it a more "worked" look - traditional, ya know?