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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Making bannock

I had been wanting to make some bannock for a long time, since i seen it on ray mears actually. And finally decided to get out and do it and give the web tex warrior stove a test in the process. I had a bit of a look about for different recipes and found one (recommended by shewie at BCUK). So here is the recipe i used its.

  • 2 Parts S/R flour
  • 1 Part milk powder
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2 tsp of brown sugar (i actually used demera sugar)
  • Handful of raisens (i think i used to many but i love em)
  • Water.

You can mix it and keep it in the bag as seen above and take it out with you and just add water to the bag, but as i did it at home and the mix would be far to big for my wee billy i just used a handful of the mix and put it in a bowl. So basically just add enough  water to make a dough not to soggy but not too dry either.

Then what i did is just press make it into a ball and flatten it down just as you would a burger.

I think i have added too many raisens but never the less. Oil up the pan or in the case the pan of the billy can. If you are using a wee gas stove like the web tex warrior make sure the heat isnt too high or you will burn it very quick like i did. Then place the bannock in and gently press down and leave for a while to cook then flip it over.

You should know its ready when you can lighly flick it and it sounds hallow. Now there is nothing left to do but to enjoy you labour. Alot of people drizzle honey or put butter on it but i just enjoyed it as is.

My younger brother even gave it a go when we where out and i think he learned from my mistakes because his actually tasted a bit better than mine. Even though both our efforts ended up burnt slightly they were tasty never the less. Little brothers efforts below.

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