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Monday, 8 November 2010

Paracord Survival Bracelet

Made my first one today and i'm pretty happy with it. This is an excellent way to carry quantities of paracord. So i'm going to show you how to make one it really is so simple.

First off measure your wrist or whatever length you want it and add an extra 3 or 4 inches then cut that amount of paracord and tie in a knot at the top as show. Then you need to cut the amount of paracord you need, i used the thinking of a foot for every inch you want to cover.

Rig yourself something that can keep the paracord taught. Here i am using a coat hanger between my legs and a ring from a key ring attached to the cupboard handle.

Now take your paracord length and place it behind your base paracord evenly. Form an S shape with one length then thread the other length down through the front loop and up through the back loop. Then make sure both lengths are even before continuing if not rearrange them and pull tight and leave about a half an inch free at the top to loop your knot into when its finished.

Repeat the process only this time form the S with the other length and keep repeating the process alternating the S each time.

Every time you do one pull tight and push up to bring them all in close together.

Finish it off by leaving a small bit at the knot free and cutting and singing the remaining paracord. And there you have it your finished survival bracelet. Obviously this isn't the greatest or neatest one but ill be making a few more and they will get better looking also using two different colours for the base part and the main part would make it look better.

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  1. Hey man, also a fellow Irishman with an interest in bushcraft, nice blog.
    Anywho, if ya tie the knots nice and tight all the way down the length of the bracelet you will got more cord in the bracelet, also you can double back and do a second layer of knots for over twice the cord again and a really nice thick bracelet.